Baby Crib

Here it is, a work in progress:


This is the old crib. You can see how scuffed up it is.

20160722_150603Here is one of the pieces I have painted so far.

In the back you can see the original crib that EthanĀ just finally outgrew. It was a bit beat up, so I am painting it a light grey with an antiqued effect to it. I used homemade chalk paint for the first coat. By using chalk paint, I didn’t have to prime it first. The second coat is a grey satin in the same color. I sanded it down a bit to give it an aged appearance. Lastly, I am going to put a coat of semi-gloss poly-acrylic on it to seal it allĀ in.

And, If you are curious as to why I am painting a crib when Jack is getting so big:


YEP! Baby #2 is on the way. Thank goodness we opted for the three bedroom!


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