About Me

papa This is me! My name is Seth. I started off doing projects myself because it was cost-effective. Now I do it because I enjoy it! I hope you find some great information on my blog that will help you with your endeavors. If you think something is too hard, do some research and take a chance! You never know what you can accomplish.

This is my wife, Beverly. She is amazing (and I am not just saying that because she reads this). She is by my side and is supportive of all of my adventures. She even comes up with quite a few of her own. She is not afraid to get dirty, and she is stronger than she looks!

baby1 This is my son, Ethan. He is a casual observer at this point, but I can see the spark in his eye when the power tools start up. I have a feeling he is going to be my right hand man sooner than later.

jack This is my cat, Jack. He doesn’t help at all. He is a skeptical supervisor and not a very good one at that. He looks down from above with cat-like judgement.